On the shore

Sometimes this is the vision that comes to me: being on the shores of life.

Being born on an island, I know something about the sea. It’s a stop signal and a way out at the same time. In front of the sea, you can’t go ahead with your physical body, but what about imagination?

When you’re living by the sea, you may find that the sea holds so many secrets that one human life is not enough to know it all. This are the kind of secrets that lies in ancient books, in oh-so-far-away stars and in women’ heart.

But one day or another, the sea gives you some presents, some glimpses into its deep hidden secrets. In the shores of life you’ll find all kind of shells, whale-bones, starfish, bottled messages and maybe, the remains of some ancient wreckage. Fine presents. All for free. All for you.

Some people choose not to collect this things, but to buy them in the next store. And they complain on the scarcity of life and the high cost of everything.

I prefer to walk by the shores, not to find anything, but finding a lot of beautiful things. Feeling that life is easy, abundant and pleasant, and that it brings to you exactly what you need.

In front of the sea, the two of us are one.